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I wanted to share a short story with you, one where the owner really didn't think that their house was going to sell but they were in a tight enough position that they needed it.

We had a lead come in from outside of Lubbock. They went to our site and simply filled in the discovery form at the top.

After getting in contact her that night, she mentioned that they'd lived in the home but started to fall behind on mortgage payments because her husband hurt his back.

This meant that they were beginning to face foreclosure, and this was one way for them to get out of it.

In addition, there were some repairs needed, like fixing of windows and some basic roofing, but all in all the repair costs are fairly low.

Their remaining balance on the mortgage was at $64,000, and she just wanted $1,000 on top to walk away.

Most homeowners in this situation think there's not much they can do to sell the house because of the payments that are behind with the mortgage and the repairs needed for the house.

Fortunately, this lady did some Googling and found us, because we're definitely able to help even in situations like this outside of a small town.

After getting in touch with some people in our network, we realized that this home had some potential with investors

We could definitely get her what she was asking for... in fact we could get her better than her asking price.

We accepted her number and put $5,000 on top of it so that they can use it towards a down payment for a new home in the near future.

With that, we were able to still make some money on our end, find a buyer, and help restore this property to a fully functional condition so that another family could get into it.

This is what we call a win-win-win-win situation.

The seller wins, we win, a buyer wins, and the next family to live in that house wins.


So, you're looking to sell your house in Dallas. There might be some things to know about.

The first thing to consider is when your house needs to sell.

If you can wait, then it's generally better to hold on until it's the season for new home buyers because you're more likely to get top-dollar.

But if you need it gone fast, then you can't really stick around months before buyers come around with the number you're expecting.

The second option is what we generally work with.

Let me explain.

There are really only two ways to sell a house quickly

Consider this:

If a house is going to get purchased quickly, it's because someone else wants it that badly.

Sometimes it's about the location, and if it's a prime area, then people are going to go for it.

But in most cases, it's because the price of the property is low enough that people want to jump on it.

Unless the price is super ridiculously low, people are going to expect the home to be in reasonably good condition.

Many homes need a lot of repair to get it "sale worthy". That means multiple thousands of dollars worth of work to get it up to par, and most homeowners in this position don't have that available.

What ends up happening is the homeowner sits on the house for years and years, allowing it to only get worse until they get to a point where they can no longer afford it.

So, what's the second option?

You can get a cash offer from a home buyer company

Yep, it's still possible to get CASH for the home.

Here's how it works...

You give us a call, and come check out the property. Based on what we see, we're wiling to give you a cash offer on the home.

Why would we do this?

Well it's because it's an investment property for us. We're purchasing a home in cash, so that the homeowner doesn't have to deal with repairs, commissions, fees, or closing costs, and in return we get it at a decent price.

Dallas home buyer companies like ours make a profit by buying homes like these, but on the flip side it also helps homeowners get out from under a terrible situation with the house and/or mortgage.

This is often the best way to get out from under a foreclosure, for example, because it doesn't require filing for bankruptcy or having the home auctioned off.

Both of those options result in permanent damage to credit and prevents the homeowner from getting any sort of good housing afterwards.

As mentioned above, getting an offer on the home is easy, and there's no obligation to accept the offer. 

Simply visit our website and input your info into the form or give us a call directly.

From there, we'll ask a few questions, maybe get a couple of pictures, and then we can use that information to evaluate the home and get you an offer.

In almost all cases, the transaction can be done in under 2 weeks. The quickest we've done was 3 business days, but there's always a chance for... miracles, when necessary.